Andrew J. Cooke, MD

The safety of our patients and staff are our top priority.  We are open for business and want our patients to know we are taking steps to help minimize the impact of the novel CORONAVIRUS illness, COVID-19, on our office.   

  1. Do not come to clinic if you have a fever (temperature > 99.5° F) or have been exposed to the novel coronavirus through contacts or travel. We cannot test for influenza (the “flu”) or the coronavirus at this time. Please contact your primary care doctor.  If your doctor cannot test you or you do not have a doctor, we can give you contact information for facilities that offer testing. 
  1. If you have symptoms of a new respiratory illness or think you are “sick” without a fever, please call the office before coming in for an appointment. We will discuss your symptoms with you and determine if you should be seen by us or another facility. If you come see us, you may be asked to use a different entrance and wear a mask.   
  1. Even if you feel well, we may check your temperature and ask you screening questions when you check in. 
  1. We have spaced out chairs in our waiting rooms and removed all magazines. We are cleaning frequently used surfaces often. 
  1. We will be offering alternative waiting options following immunotherapy injections (allergy shots) to allow for “social distancing.” More information is available about this at our offices for immunotherapy patients. 
  1. We ask that all patients limit the number of visitors brought with them for appointments. Unless absolutely necessary, please come alone or with one parent if the patient is a child. 
  1. No food or drinks are permitted in the office. Please, no exceptions.

 Dr. Cooke is working and seeing patients.  This is an evolving situation, and we will continue to adapt our practices as needed.  Our intention is to provide you with world class care with compassion. Our goal is to treat you as a family member. We will be happy to answer any questions.